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Welcome to our recruiters’ FAQ section!

Here, you’ll find all the information you need to seamlessly set up and manage assessments for your candidates. We’ve broken down our FAQs into 5 main categories to help you get the answers you’re looking for, fast.

1. Setting up assessments covers all the basics to get you up and running with creating and administering assessments.

2. FAQ quick picks is where we’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions for easy reference.

3. Candidate experience dives into what the candidates will see and experience during the assessment.

4. Test content & methodology explains the types of questions we use and the science behind them.

5. Practical scenarios discusses various situations you might find yourself in and how Heroify can help you navigate them.

Feel free to explore and get yourself better acquainted with our process!

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can chat with us using the chatbox in the bottom right corner of this page, or send an email to

Setting up assessments

Can I add my own questions to the Heroify assessment?

Our assessments consist of pre-prepared questions created by experts and are vetted for effectiveness.

However, you have the option to include your own open-ended questions to evaluate additional competencies.

What languages are available for taking the assessments?

You can choose to take the tests in either English or Polish.

I want to create an assessment. What should I do?

It's easy!

Just log into your Heroify account with your email and password. Once you're in, find the "Add assessment" button at the top-right corner and click it. From there, you can set up the perfect one by selecting the options that suit your needs. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

If you run into any issues while creating your assessment, don't worry! We're here to help. Just contact our support team for assistance.

Can i change the language of the assessment after it was created?

No, you can't change the language of the assessment once you've started it.

Make sure to select your preferred language before beginning the assessment. But don't worry, creating new one takes just 5 minutes.

Is it possible to adjust the number of questions for each skill set in the assessment?

Our assessments are carefully designed to maintain high levels of validity and reliability.

The selection of questions for each skill is managed by our AI algorithm to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in the assessment. So, customization of the question count per skill is not an option.

How many skills can I evaluate with one assessment?

You have options based on your needs.

In a quick pre-screening assessment, you can assess up to 3 different skills. For a more thorough evaluation, our screening assessments allow you to measure up to 5 skills. Choose the type that best suits your hiring objectives.

For a full list of available skills, click the button below.

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What insights will I get about the candidates once they finish the assessment?

You'll be able to easily sort through your candidates based on their overall assessment scores or even specific skill sets.

Plus, we provide detailed stats for each applicant, so you know exactly how they measure up. This saves you time and helps you make more informed decisions.

FAQ quick picks

Does Heroify offer integration with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) programs?


We provide integration options with various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This allows for seamless data transfer and workflow automation in your recruitment process. For specific integration details, please contact our support team.

Is Heroify GDPR-compliant?

Yes, Heroify is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

Every candidate who starts an assessment is required to accept our GDPR consent form, authorizing both us and you to process their personal data. This ensures a secure and legal assessment process for all parties involved.

Do candidates want to complete the assessments?


Candidates are eager to complete assessments because it gives them a chance to showcase their skills.

Our stats speak for themselves: 96% of candidates rate their experience with our assessments as positive. We're also big on feedback, which candidates appreciate. Data shows that over 80% of candidates complete our verification assessments and more than 70% finish our screening assessments. So, the test serves not just as a skills assessment but also as a way to gauge a candidate's motivation to work.

Does Heroify replace the role of a recruiter?

Not at all.

Heroify serves as an additional resource to make the recruiting process more efficient. By taking care of the skills and cognitive assessments, it frees up recruiters to concentrate on other important aspects like cultural alignment and role-specific responsibilities. The end result is a quicker and more accurate hiring process.

Does Heroify make sure candidates aren't cheating on the assessments?

Of course!

Our assessments are designed with anti-cheating features like disabling copy-paste, monitoring if candidates switch between windows, and using questions that can't easily be looked up online. Plus, the assessments are timed, making it even harder for candidates to cheat. So you can feel confident you're getting an accurate measure of their skills.

Is the quick 15-minute assessment for screening candidates reliable?

Of course!

You can trust our 15-minute assessments to give you meaningful insights. We've designed each question with input from industry experts and have even run them by focus groups to confirm their effectiveness. It's a quick but reliable way to gauge a candidate's key competencies.

Candidate experience

Do candidates get to see their assessment results?

Yes, candidates always see their assessment results.

We believe in providing feedback to everyone. This improves candidate experience and makes the whole recruitment process better.

Will candidates know how they did on the assessment?


After finishing the assessment, candidates get feedback that includes their total score and the area where they excelled. Providing this feedback enhances the candidate experience and generally makes people more satisfied with the hiring process.

Test content & methodology

What skill sets can I evaluate using Heroify?

We have a diverse range of around 30 skills tailored to meet your specific needs.

Heroify's tests focus on three key areas:

1. Marketing competencies like Content Marketing and SEO are designed to gauge the candidate's specialized skills in marketing.

2. Business & sales competencies such as Prospecting and Account Executive evaluations delve into situational scenarios to measure sales abilities.

3. Cognitive abilities assessments, including Attention to Detail and Analytical Thinking, aim to evaluate the candidate's overall potential.

To explore our complete list of skills, click the button below.

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How does Heroify ensure the assessments are tailored to match the specific skills I'm looking for in candidates?

Our test questions are crafted by industry experts with extensive experience, overseen by a team of methodologists and psychologists. Heroify combines expert knowledge with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess candidates. The AI analyzes your job posting to tailor questions that assess the most critical skills you're seeking in a candidate.

For example, if you're hiring a Content Manager for an online store, the test will focus more on product descriptions, content management, and SEO. On the other hand, if you're looking for a Content Manager for a social media agency, the questions will center around community engagement and user-generated content. In both cases, we assess core content marketing skills but adapt the focus based on your specific needs and industry.

Do your assesments just check candidates on what they know, or do they also evaluate how they think?

Great question!

We go beyond just testing knowledge. Our assessments also evaluate how candidates actually apply their skills in real-world scenarios. Plus, you can add open-ended questions to dig even deeper into their way of thinking. This way, you get a fuller picture of each candidate.

How reliable are the assessment scores? Can a low score actually reflect a candidate's skills?

Our assessments are designed to give a clear and accurate picture of a candidate's specialized knowledge and skills. Don't worry if not everyone aces it; that's the point! A score above 80% is considered excellent. Each question goes through a rigorous vetting process involving multiple experts to make sure it's relevant and high-quality. So, a low score likely means there's room for improvement in the skills being assessed.

How reliable are the questions on Heroify's assessments?

You can trust the quality of our questions.

They're put together by industry pros with a ton of experience, and they go through multiple rounds of reviews before making it into the assessment. So you know you're getting top-notch questions that really evaluate what you're looking for.

Want to know who these experts are? Just click the button below.

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Practical scenarios

I don't have an HR department. Can I use the tool?


Heroify is designed to help you assess both industry-specific skills (like sales and marketing) and cognitive abilities (like attention to detail and logical reasoning). There's no need for specialized HR knowledge or a dedicated HR staff member to make data-driven hiring decisions with Heroify.

When should I use Heroify assessment in the hiring process?

It depends on your recruitment needs.

If you're looking to quickly filter through a large pool of candidates, our 15-minute pre-screening assessment can help you identify the most promising applicants. For a deeper dive into candidates' skills and competencies, our 45-minute assessments offer a more comprehensive evaluation. Choose the option that aligns best with your hiring goals.

Can I use Heroify for stuff other than hiring?


Our assessments aren't just for hiring. Companies also use them to gauge the skill levels within their teams and to monitor skill development over time.

I have few candidates in recruitation. Should I test them?

Absolutely, especially when the stakes are high with fewer candidates.

Hiring the wrong person can bring hidden costs like training, managerial efforts, and even reduced team morale. Our assessments can spotlight strengths and weaknesses, helping you make an educated hiring decision and possibly saving you from costly mistakes down the line.

I want to check soft skills and cultural fit. Do I need Heroify?

We completely agree that soft skills and team fit are crucial.

Heroify streamlines the initial stages of your recruitment process by evaluating candidates' technical and hard skills. This allows you to dedicate your interview time to exploring soft skills and team fit. Our approach can also uncover candidates who may have less experience but show great potential, making your interview process more efficient and effective.

I'm hiring for a senior-level position. Won't candidates with extensive experience already possess the required skills?

Not necessarily.

Even candidates with a lot of experience may not have the specific operational skills your role requires. Heroify lets you tailor the assessment to focus on high-level strategic skills or operational know-how, depending on what the job demands. This ensures that you're not just getting a candidate with experience, but one whose skills are closely aligned with the needs of the position.

Is Heroify suitable for testing candidates for senior-level positions?


Heroify is designed to evaluate candidates at all levels, including senior roles. Our questions are customized to the complexity of the position, allowing qualified candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise. This tailored approach ensures that the assessment is engaging and relevant for seasoned professionals.

I recruit ocasionally. How can you help me?

No worries if you're not hiring all the time! Heroify can still help you out.

You can use it to find out what your current team is good at or where they might need some extra training. If you're part of an agency or investing in startups, you can even buy some assessment credits to test them. So, even for occasional recruiting or team check-ups, Heroify's got you covered.

We prefer to review all CVs ourselves. Why should we use Heroify?

Sure, you can keep reviewing CVs the way you're used to.

The thing is, Heroify gives you a quick way to double-check the skills people claim to have. And let's be real, a lot of resumes stretch the truth. By using our assessments, you only spend time on people who want to commit.

What's the advantage of using Heroify instead of just handling assessments internally?

Heroify streamlines the whole assessment process for you.

We help you objectively measure and compare candidates' skills so you can zero in on the best fits for your team, without the hassle. Plus, you'll get valuable insights upfront that can guide your interview questions, saving you time and making your interviews more effective.

Is it worth it to test candidates even if we're planning on training them anyway?

Of course!

Knowing where your candidates stand skill-wise helps you make better hiring decisions. We give you the data you need to see who might need training and in what areas, saving you time and resources down the line. The choice is still yours, but at least it's an informed one.

Do I have full control over the hiring decision?

Oh, you're still the boss of that!

We just give you the hard numbers and insights to make comparing candidates easier for you. But when it comes to who gets the job, that's all you.

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