Most common scenarios
where Heroify helps

Heroify supports you in many issues that occur during the recruitment process. Check what problems we most often help our clients with.

No experts to evaluate candidates

With Heroify’s skills test library you can confidently evaluate candidates for a position with a skillset that you don’t have at your company.

Too many applicants respond to a job ad

Expecting a large inflow of applications that will be hard to verify manually? Assessments give you an opportunity to verify hundreds of candidates at once.

Hiring interns with no job experience

Hiring students, for internships, or entry-level positions? With no previous job experience you can evaluate cognitive skills that predict job performance. 

Stop interviewing bad-fit candidates

With a traditional screening process It’s hard and time-consuming to ensure that you don’t spend 1:1 time with unqualified candidates. Now you can spend quality time only with candidates with verified skills. 

Need to fill a role fast without losing quality

Not all candidates can write a resume that clearly shows their potential. Don’t miss out on great candidates who can be ommited by using the standard resume screening process.

Standing out as an employer

Resume-based hiring can lead to inaccurately scoring a candidate because of their previous experience, training, or education. Skills assessment will give you objective data for making hiring decisions.

Find only the most motivated candidates

Replace resume reviews with skills assessments which give you a quick way to verify candidates motivation without the manual work and avoid wasting 1:1 quality time with unqualified ones.

Compare candidates based on skills

All candidates who finish the test are assessed by the same measure. This way you can objectively compare them in a way that’s not possible with resumes.

More quality time during interviews

Replace resume reviews with skills assessments which give you a quick way to verify multiple candidates without the manual work and avoid wasting 1:1 quality time with unqualified ones.

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"A bad hiring decision is one of the most expensive mistakes founders can make. We use Heroify in all recruitments to sift out disengaged candidates and get insights into their real skills.

Dorota Rymaszewska
CEO & Co-Founder at hiPets

"If I were to hire some SDRs or juniors, I'd use Heroify to save me a lot of time that I would have spent on meetings with people I shouldn't be talking to."

Bartosz Majewski
Co-founder at Casbeg

"Heroify's assessments were a game changer for our small team. It made reviewing a large number of applications from all over the UK possible. Thank you for the great experience!"

Katherine Keddie
Co-founder at Adopter

"We use Heroify because it allows us to assess candidates' analytical skills in a quick and accurate way that is also attractive to candidates."

Monika Hryniewicz
Recruiter at Inovo

"Heroify saved me 30 hours of work and helped me compare candidates easily, giving more time to assess motivation and fit. Great for recruiting salespeople."

Rozalia Mikolajczak
Country Sales Manager at hiPets

Heroify has made our process of verifying candidates' abilities and skills way easier and more productive. I recommend Heroify to anyone looking to improve the quality and pace of their hiring process.

Wojciech Calow
Head of Performance at House-Med
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