Automatically find top 1% marketing and sales applicants that resumes won't reveal

Ready-to-use assessments that identify candidates capable of driving business results for you. Make faster, data-based, and de-risked hiring decisions.


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There are qualified candidates hiding in your resumes.
Find them automatically with tests focused on skills.

Start interviewing only the most skilled candidates without weeks of resume screening

Stop wasting time on screening through hundreds of resumes and interviewing candidates who look good only on paper. Get your time back to focus on the best people for the job.

Save hours

Verify applicants with skills- and position-based tests created by domain experts

Start sending assessments in 5 minutes using pre-made tests designed to verify skills required to succeed in the roles you’re hiring for.

Assemble more diverse teams by removing unconscious bias

It’s easy to rule out great candidates when you make assumptions based on resumes and culture. With Heroify you don’t have to guess – we objectively assess candidates for you.


Build your employer brand with automated assessment feedback

Lack of feedback is the most often source of frustration for candidates. Unfortunately, you don’t always have time to provide it.

Heroify’s immediate score feedback provides value even for rejected candidates, who can still positively impact your company’s reputation.

Verify skills in a fast, easy and reliable way

Perfectly matched to the job requirements

We analyze the job description to curate a test matched perfectly to your unique needs.

Ready in just 3 minutes. Really!

You don't have to create any questions. Just confirm skills you'd like to test, and we'll do the rest.

Quick, easy & GDPR-compliant set-up

No need to engage legal or IT teams. All you need is your browser.

Top level know-how at your fingertips

Over a dozen experts with proven track record work on creating and evaluating questions for each skill.

Scientifically validated & bias-reducing

We work with psychometricians, I/O psychologists & AI experts to make our test as effective, reliable and unbiased as possible.

Valuable insights for better hiring decisions

Spot the most-skilled candidates right away & see how applicants will perform, even before getting the job.

Assessment tests co-created by 100+ sales, marketing
& psychometrics experts with experience from:

Assessments enjoyed by recruiters, hiring managers & candidates alike!


“Thanks to Heroify we’ve avoided many hiring mistakes. Now, I just can’t imagine hiring or even interviewing someone without testing their skills with Heroify first.”

Adrian Piwko
Founder & CEO of Pora na Pola S.A.
Dorota Rymaszewska

A bad hiring decision is one of the most expensive mistakes founders can make. We use Heroify in all recruitments. It helps us sift out disengaged candidates and gives us insights into their real skills.

Dorota Rymaszewska
Founder & CEO of HiPets

If I were to hire some SDRs or juniors, I'd use Heroify to save me a lot of time that I would have spent on meetings with people I shouldn't be talking to.

Bartosz Majewski
Co-founder & CEO at Casbeg

Using Heroify's assessment as the first stage of our recruitment process was a game changer for our small team. Without Heroify, it would have been impossible for us to get through the number of applications we received from all over the UK. Thank you for a great experience!

Katherine Keddie
Co-founder at Adopter

We use Heroify because it allows us to assess candidates' analytical skills in a quick and accurate way that is also attractive to candidates. It also has demonstrated to us the gap between what someone can do, versus what they claim to be capable of on their CV; it's been an eye-opening experience!

Monika Hryniewicz
Recruiter at Inovo

Heroify saved me 30 hours of work. That's really important for me because as manager I'm constatntly out of time and in a rush. I got dozens of theoretically great CVs but I wouldn't be able to talk to each candidate. Heroify allowed me to easily compare the candidates and gave me more time during the meeting to get to know their motivation and assess mutual fit. It's a brilliant tool for recruiting salespeople.

Rozalia Mikolajczak
Country Sales Manager at hiPets

Essential in recruitment, useful for employee skills evaluation

Heroify helps you verify skill at any stage of recruitment or even after the hire is made – to identify who on your team might need training and in what area.

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