See how Heroify works in the back
to put your best candidates in the front

Our AI-powered assessment wizard allows you to create a tailor-made assessment in just 5 minutes. It selects the right questions co-created by experienced subject-matter experts and personalizes them for your company.

AI-backed assessments tailored to specific roles and industries

In order to select candidates best suited to the needs of the position, our AI selects a list of competencies that are worth assessing based on your job offer. AI also selects individual questions within the examined competencies, so as to reflect the employee’s daily professional challenges as fully as possible.

Save hours

Implement in any stage of your hiring process

Heroify assessments are flexible and don’t require you to modify your current processes. 

You can quickly shortlist candidates with filtering assessments in earlier stages of the process or test their skills in-depth with longer, comprehensive assessments, that can be used even after in-person interviews.

Scientifically valid, fair, and reliable

All test questions have been developed with the participation of experts with many years of industry experience, and our team of methodologists, psychologists and psychometers watches over the methodological correctness.


Streamline your candidates' skills assessment

Paste details about your open position

Share information about the position you’re hiring for. By providing the role name, seniority level, and job description, you will get an assessment tailored to your role and industry.

Choose competencies you want to test

Based on the data you entered in the previous step, Heroify will suggest the most relevant skills for your assessment type. You can also choose competencies from our library on your own.

Add custom open-ended questions (optional)

Add your own qualifying questions to evaluate candidates based on your own criteria. You can add more questions about the role or follow-up with organizational questions like desired salary.

Send the assessment link to candidates

Send an invitation to complete the assessment to your candidates. During the assessment each candidate will be presented with different set of tailored questions.

Review results

Now all you have to do is wait for you candidates’ to finish the assessment. With clear and easy-to-read reports you will quickly compare all candidates’ performance and find the ones with the best results.

Proceed only with qualified candidates

High assessment scores are a great predictor of a candidate’s potential,

We leverage the know-how of 100+ experts
from industry-leading companies

Enjoyed by recruiters,
hiring managers & candidates alike!


"A bad hiring decision is one of the most expensive mistakes founders can make. We use Heroify in all recruitments to sift out disengaged candidates and get insights into their real skills.

Dorota Rymaszewska
CEO & Co-Founder at hiPets

"If I were to hire some SDRs or juniors, I'd use Heroify to save me a lot of time that I would have spent on meetings with people I shouldn't be talking to."

Bartosz Majewski
Co-founder at Casbeg

"Heroify's assessments were a game changer for our small team. It made reviewing a large number of applications from all over the UK possible. Thank you for the great experience!"

Katherine Keddie
Co-founder at Adopter

"We use Heroify because it allows us to assess candidates' analytical skills in a quick and accurate way that is also attractive to candidates."

Monika Hryniewicz
Recruiter at Inovo

"Heroify saved me 30 hours of work and helped me compare candidates easily, giving more time to assess motivation and fit. Great for recruiting salespeople."

Rozalia Mikolajczak
Country Sales Manager at hiPets

Heroify has made our process of verifying candidates' abilities and skills way easier and more productive. I recommend Heroify to anyone looking to improve the quality and pace of their hiring process.

Wojciech Calow
Head of Performance at House-Med

Essential in recruitment, useful for employee skills evaluation

Heroify helps you verify skill at any stage of recruitment or even after the hire is made – to identify who on your team might need training and in what area.

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